Plastic and especially aesthetic surgery is a very private matter.

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You have as a patient certain goals and expectations which Benoît C. De Cordier, MD and licensed plastic surgeon, might be able to meet based on his thorough training and vast and overseas experience.

Benoît C. De Cordier, M.D., is performing a wide variety of procedures in the field of plastic surgery. However, the focus of his practice lies on eyelid, breast and abdominal wall surgery, facelifts, liposuctions and wrinkle treatments.

A consultation is to be recommended if you are considering surgery or other treatments. It’s by far the best means for the surgeon to analyse your problem and understand your expectations: this will enable him to judge whether and to what degree he can offer you a solution and propose a treatment. In addition, it will allow you to appreciate whether the surgeon’s approach and personality inspire you with confidence.

Benoît C. De Cordier, M.D., will apply himself to provide you with the correct information about the intended treatment, its preparation and after care; as well as about the expected results, the possible complications and financial consequences. In the event of surgery in particular, he will put great effort in ensuring you the appropriate postoperative care and follow-up.

Benoît C. De Cordier, M.D., would be more than happy to meet with you in English, French or Dutch and this in Ghent or in Wetteren, both in Belgium.

An appointment or further information can be obtained by calling 09/246.75.10
(+32 9 246.75.10) (preferably on Monday or Friday) or by filling out the enclosed form.

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